Tuesday, August 5, 2008

how to s3-bash in ubuntu ec2

wget http://s3-bash.googlecode.com/files/s3-bash.0.02.tar.gz
untar the files

  • To get files: use ./s3-get
  • To put files: use ./s3-put
  • To delete files: use ./s3-delete

./s3-get -k MyAWSAccessKeyId -s AWSSecretAccessKeyIdFile /bucket/pathtoobject
We use a file for the AWS Secret Access Key Id so that it does not appear in the list of running processes with ps

nano AWSSecretAccessKeyIdFile (paste your SecretKey there)

od -a AWSSecretAccessKeyIdFile

cat AWSSecretAccessKeyIdFile | tr -d '\n' >> AWSSecretAccessKeyIdFile2(if you get 41 bytes problem)

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