Friday, March 2, 2007

Fest Finised...

I have Fest(ELIXIR '07) in my college....we all gathered there as this was our last fest. First day lokkhichara came for live performance...we didnt go that day as we dont like that bangla band pretty much. Then the next day there was Bombay Viking's Niraj Shiridhar....It was ROCKING!!
That day we enjoyed a lot... And the next day... there was FOSSILS Live! and thats really rocksss!!
I am a hardcore Rock quite obvious that i love fossils!!

As i am preparing for Cap gemini campussing i am not online quite usually ...for some days..Lets see wat is stored for me in my future!!!

Cheers Aurobindo

Monday, February 26, 2007


Shirshendu & me got little more close today. I am quite happy by listening about the in-campus going to happen in our college on 6th MAR 2007. Its big deal for me as the company(HORIZON HR SOLUTION) where i got selected is not yet give me the offer letter so i am bit insecure. I was trying here and there but i should concentrate on this in campus drive. Though 26, 27 & 28 there is Fest in our college. We have decided to ROCK for the last time. Prabhat, falguni, Shirshendu & aniruddha will join me this time in fest. So we the 'NEUCLEUS' gang is close again. I have decided to put my full effort on the studies for the upcoming campussing just right after the fest(ELIXIR '07). Unwillingly my relationship with Ananda is bit damaged for some bad manners of him, as i couldn't expect that type of thing from ananda. Anyway I am trying my best for Capgemini.