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5 Tips for Better Work Life Balance

1. Figure Out What Really Matters to You in Life
Personal coach Laura Berman Fortgang, author of NOW WHAT? 90 Days to a New Life Direction, says getting your priorities clear is the first and most essential step toward achieving a well-balanced life. The important point here is to figure out what you want your priorities to be, not what you think they should be.

"I use an exercise for figuring out what matters most," Fortgang tells WebMD. She has her clients take a couple days off from work to contemplate the following series of questions:

1. If my life could focus on one thing and one thing only, what would that be?
2. If I could add a second thing, what would that be?
3. A third?
4. A fourth?
5. A fifth?

If you answer thoughtfully and honestly, the result will be a list of your top five priorities. Fortgang says a typical top-five list might include some of the following:

Satisfying career
Community service
Hobbies, such as gardening

Ismael Al-Ramahi, a graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine, says his current priorities are his wife, his 4-month-old son, and his research. He tells WebMD the key is not only knowing your priorities, but devoting your full attention to just one priority at a time. "Split your time and your mind so that you're thinking about work when you're at work and you're paying attention to the baby when you're with him."

2. Drop Unnecessary Activities
By making a concrete list of what really matters to you, you may discover you're devoting too much time to activities that aren't a priority, and you can adjust your schedule accordingly. Since having a baby, Al-Ramahi says he and his wife have become much more efficient in managing their time -- cutting back on television, for example.

If at all possible, Fortgang recommends dropping any commitments and pursuits that don't make your top-five list, because "unnecessary activities keep you away from the things that matter to you."

3. Protect Your Private Time
You would probably think twice before skipping out on work, a parent-teacher conference, or a doctor's appointment. Your private time deserves the same respect. "Carve out hours that contribute to yourself and your relationship," says Stevan Hobfoll, PhD, distinguished professor of psychology at Kent State University, and co-author of Work Won't Love You Back: The Dual Career Couple's Survival Guide. Guard this personal time fervently and don't let work or other distractions intrude. "Stop checking email and cell phones so often," Hobfoll advises. "Few people are so important that they need their phones on at all times."

If work consistently interferes with your personal time, Hobfoll recommends discussing some adjustments with your boss. "There's a mythology in the workplace that more hours means more," he tells WebMD. Demonstrate that you can deliver the same or better results in fewer hours. Your job performance "should never be judged in terms of hours of input," Hobfoll says. Protecting your private time often leads to "greater satisfaction in both work life and personal life, greater productivity, and more creativity."

If you're your own boss, it's up to you to create boundaries that keep work from intruding on family time. Lachlan Brown is president of Tech for People, a small business consulting firm specializing in Internet marketing. "I make it very clear at the beginning of any new business relationship that if I work nights and/or weekends then this is purely by choice," he tells WebMD. "I've told clients more than once that if they call me at night or on the weekend that they shouldn't expect me to a) answer the phone and b) reply until the next business day."

Brown, who has a 9-month-old daughter, doesn't see his reluctance to work after hours as compromising his career but quite the opposite. "I believe that if I truly honor the different aspects of my life, such as work, play, and family, I will be more successful and fulfilled in each area. If I skimp on family time or 'me' time, then my success in my career will suffer as a result. I look to my daughter to remind me of how to be open-minded and excited and curious about life … key ingredients for innovative, breakthrough thinking. If I don't spend time with her now, this opportunity will be lost forever."

4. Accept Help to Balance Your Life
Allow yourself to rely on your partner, family members, or friends -- anyone who can watch the kids or run an errand while you focus on other top priorities. "Try tag-teaming," Hobfoll suggests. "One spouse works out before dinner, one after dinner, while the other watches the kids."

To get more alone-time with your partner, accept babysitting offers from friends and family, or try arranging a regular trade-off with another couple. "'I'll watch your kids this Saturday if you watch mine next Saturday.' Tag-teaming is a great way to create extra free time," Hobfoll says.

5. Plan Fun and Relaxation
Fun and relaxation are an essential part of living a well-balanced life. That's why Brown makes time for weekly guitar lessons, a yoga class, a date night with his wife, and a guys' night out a couple times a month. In addition, he exercises on a trampoline in his backyard most days of the week. How does he squeeze in all this playtime while running his business and sharing the responsibilities of raising a daughter? "If you believe that the most important thing is to be happy in life (not when I'm a millionaire or when I retire but right now) then you can always make time."

Until you get into the habit of taking time for yourself, set aside space in your planner for relaxation and fun. Plan what you're going to do and make any necessary arrangements, such as childcare, to ensure you'll be able to keep your commitment. "Remember, you make time for what you want to make time for," Fortgang says. If something is important to you, don't brush it aside with a dismissive "I don't have time for that." You are in charge of your own schedule -- it's up to you to make time.

In ESHQ Always


CIL really rocks...
the culture the enviornment everything here is different.
We proud to say "tomorrow has been happening here since yesterday"

In ESHQ Always

My Project manager

Nitin Barman

Nitin was born in Kanpur, India to a family of doctors. He completed his education in Kanpur and then did his B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in the field of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. His love for entrepreneurship forced him to give up a lucrative job in Computer Associates, Texas and he started his professional career by opening Messiah Labs Pvt. Ltd. with a few of his friends. The company was the first to be incubated by IIT Kanpur. After working for 2 years with Messiah Labs, he shifted to Delhi where he joined a software company as Business Manager. He then joined Compare Infobase as General Manager – Projects. As Chief Executive Officer, TSPL, Nitin’s strong technical knowledge in web-based applications and web development has been cardinal in implementing new and innovative technologies, as well as entering new markets for the services that Turnkey Software Projects is providing. He takes care of the day-to-day operations as well as the emerging markets of the travel and tourism industry.


Many a times, I am asked, why did we call Compare Infobase, “Compare Infobase”? Why not “Infosys”, Infotech”, “Infosoft”, “Infoweb” or “Infonet”? Here's the reason why….

The word Compare reminds us of our vision to make CIL a benchmark for others to compare themselves with. ‘Base' as a suffix to ‘Info' gives us an open window to the horizon beyond ‘Sys', ‘Tech', ‘Soft', ‘Net' and ‘Web'. It tells us to use information technology as the base in whatever we do. So when we develop a Mapsofindia CD, we use IT as a base and similarly when we sell e-products or send e-cards online. We use IT as a base when we develop a travel website and also when we shoot over 3,000 photographs of the beautiful city of Delhi. So when anyone asks you, ‘Why is Compare Infobase called so?' tell them that we aim to become a benchmark for comparison with the best in the industry and also that our roots lie in information technology.

Compare Infobase Limited, as an organization was established to design, develop, sub-contract and sell Internet websites and pages. We have always maintained that we got into the dot-com industry because of reasons other than the boom and if we have to get out of it, it has to be for reasons other than a bust.

When we look back there have been moments of both joy and sorrow. If we’ve had joy and happiness in the past 9 years, we’ve also faced sorrow and anguish. However, this process has actually helped us in making Compare Infobase, a true organism. It walks, it talks, it eats, it sleeps, it laughs, it cries. It is a common identity, which would be a sum-total of our individual strengths. However, in our endeavor it has also acquired some of our individual weaknesses. We are working as a team together to overcome those weaknesses and to achieve a unique value proposition, which is to put a big smile on all our faces.

- By Simarprit Singh, M.D.
Simarprit Singh is the founder and CEO of Compare Infobase Limited. He has a B.Com degree in Statistics and a Post-graduate diploma in Computer Applications. Simar, as he’s popularly known, began his career as a Research Associate at NIIT. He left to become an entrepreneur and set up DISC (Information Technology) Pvt. Ltd. While at DISC, he made a presentation to the United Nations on Information Technologies and Developing Countries. He later served as the VP of Business Development at Nucleus Software, prior to his return to entrepreneurship at Compare Infobase. In 1998, Compare Infobase was born. From then on, he’s been instrumental in growing Compare Infobase as a leading web design and web development company.


Creating an ethical culture is essential for a company to instill and maintain a commitment for achieving its targets on time and also for providing the best quality in products, services and solutions. Be it at Delhi, Kolkata or Gurgaon, all of CIL’s corporate offices have a high energy, fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment. We encourage new ideas and thinkers at all levels.

Our work ethos at Compare Infobase can be summed up by the term ESHQ that stands for Entrepreneurship, Speed, Horizon and Quality.

Entrepreneurship — We believe that entrepreneurship is the prime requisite for a committed and passionate workforce. An entrepreneur is a person who has an eye for opportunity and also the ability to achieve it, despite the risks involved. He is the one who has the zeal to ‘Lead from the front’.

Speed —The zeal to achieve our goals and the passion to respect deadlines is what we believe in. We aspire to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by ensuring that all deliverables reach the client on time or sooner, without compromising the quality of our products and services.

Horizon — We at Compare Infobase stay focused on the larger picture and always look beyond our immediate tasks. We believe that a good professional looks for an opportunity, even in adversity, and has the guts to make it successful.

Quality — Compare Infobase is dedicated to producing quality products and software solutions for our clients. We believe that quality is a measure of excellence and a good professional must be able to deliver more and better than the set standards every time.

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After 2 days leave i came to office on Friday. Saturday & Sunday there is holiday. Now today is monday and i am in my office with full of enthusiasm. The site i contributed for are,, .I want to sit for assessment test for J2EE as soon as possible then i can switch to java projects.

leave just after 2 days of joining

i have to take leave for 2 days for complete rest in room just after joining on 4th june as the ENT Specialist advised me.... as i had fever, glostitis and bleeding from the nose. In the 2nd day i was in office but couldn't sit properly..i was sleepy..cant concentrate in my work. I talked about this to so many of my seniors, they suggested me to go for a ENT Spcialist. That day in the evening after returning from the office i went to the doctor. He advised me to take rest for 3 days. I called my Reporting Officer and said everything. My reporting Officer Mr. Nitin is so kind in nature that he permitted me to take leave. I was there in my room for the whole day on my bed in my room. In the 2nd day evening i feel quite good and decided to come office frm friday.