Tuesday, August 5, 2008

JetS3t on Ubuntu

Download the JetS3t toolkit from here:

sudo mkdir /opt/jets3t
unzip jets3t-0.5.0.zip -d /opt/jets3t

chmod 755 /opt/jets3t/bin/cockpit.sh
chmod 755 /opt/jets3t/bin/synchronize.sh
chmod 755 /opt/jets3t/bin/uploader.sh

export JETS3T_HOME=/opt/jets3t

nano /etc/bash.bashrc 9add the above line to the end of file)

/opt/jets3t/configs/synchronize.properties(Add your Amazon S3 Credentials)
Run the synchronize script. Example: Uploading the contents of the /media/server1/HomeMovies/ to the HomeMovies Bucket:
/opt/jets3t/bin/synchronize.sh UP HomeMovies /media/server1/HomeMovies/
Use the cockpit utility to confirm the data is residing on the Amazon S3 server.

/opt/jets3t/bin/synchronize.sh UP -f

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