Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mac OS X better than Vista which is better than XP which is better than ...

Scot Finnie admits that his ranking of Operating Systems in his visual tour of Vista is subjective, but still he could fill in a few more details for us about the criteria he has in mind. Is it the color of the desktop that leads him to prefer Mac OS X to Vista? Is the configurability of the networking protocols that leads him to prefer NeXT to BeOS?

If XP is a 6 and Vista's a 7, is he serious about that one third of a point difference between Windows ME and Windows 3.x? And he rates Windows 2K as equivalent to Linux -- all flavors!? What is up with that? OS/2 is number 9 -- behind "Mac System"? Huh?

Taller may be better, I won't dispute that, but is sage really better than teal? I think not.

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