Sunday, July 29, 2007

I have low marks. How can I get a good job?

In today’s man eats man scenario in the professional world, getting a good job without scoring good marks is quite a Herculean job; but there are ways to wriggle your way through this situation. In the job market, with thousands of applicants trying for the same single position, the key to your success will come down to the most obvious, your employment presentation. You should invest in having a professional prepare your resume to get more interviews and better job offers.
Some resume professionals will advise you to include your scores, whatever they are and be prepared to support them with good explanations regarding their reason for not being up to the mark. Another option is not to include your grades in your resume but be ready to reveal about them in a very frank way during your interview, and boost them with some good experience. One more approach that is frequently used by many job seekers especially freshers is to include low scores and then show consistent progress in later years or show strong points in other fields.
In most of the cases, your learning skills, your attitude and other qualities are much more important than your academic achievement. In fact it is a recent trend that employers shy away from over-achiever freshers who are always dissatisfied from their jobs and who would scorn hard work as well as avoid doing repetitive tasks. Make sure that you are stressing that you are committed to success, and that you are ready to make all the necessary and not so necessary sacrifices that are needed in order to achieve your desired goals and deadlines.
It is very important to highlight your other strong points in terms of extra curricular activities, volunteer work and summer jobs and projects if you happen to have low marks in your CV. Your active participation in your school and college fests, clubs, team sports etc will help in drawing attention to your leadership qualities, sportsman spirit, flexibility, positive spirit and adaptability. It is important to make your prospective employer believe that your experience and skills make you the correct person for the job and that you are dependable, reliable and a thorough professional. Your summer job or other part time job will go a long way in proving your skills to the prospective employer, especially if the skills that you acquired during your training are related to the job you currently want.
Last but not the least, go to the interview with the correct attitude and be optimistic and enthusiastic. Make sure that you are not volunteering information about your marks. Keep your answers short and free of lengthy explanations. Make sure that you have a thorough and detailed knowledge about the company where you are giving interview and try to bring up some specific information regarding this in the interview, which will surely impresses the interviewer.
Follow these tips and be sure that you will bag that dream job you have been aspiring for!
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