Wednesday, August 1, 2007

50+ keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Windows XP

Overview: These 50+ keyboard shortcuts can help you navigate Windows XP faster than ever.

The point and click interface has made computers accessible to the masses, but IT pros know it's much faster to use keyboard shortcuts than to point and click. These 50-plus shortcuts will help you navigate Windows XP faster than ever. Print this list and post it near your keyboard as an at-a-glance cheat sheet.

The following is a small sample of the shorcuts this list contains:

Alt + TabSwitch between programs
Alt + EnterOpen the Properties page
Alt + DeletePermanently delete an item
F1Open Windows XP Help
Shift + F10Does the same as a right-click with mouse
Ctrl + EscOpen Start menu
Alt + PrtscrnScreen shot of active window
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete the word to the left

here you can download it

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