Monday, June 11, 2007


Many a times, I am asked, why did we call Compare Infobase, “Compare Infobase”? Why not “Infosys”, Infotech”, “Infosoft”, “Infoweb” or “Infonet”? Here's the reason why….

The word Compare reminds us of our vision to make CIL a benchmark for others to compare themselves with. ‘Base' as a suffix to ‘Info' gives us an open window to the horizon beyond ‘Sys', ‘Tech', ‘Soft', ‘Net' and ‘Web'. It tells us to use information technology as the base in whatever we do. So when we develop a Mapsofindia CD, we use IT as a base and similarly when we sell e-products or send e-cards online. We use IT as a base when we develop a travel website and also when we shoot over 3,000 photographs of the beautiful city of Delhi. So when anyone asks you, ‘Why is Compare Infobase called so?' tell them that we aim to become a benchmark for comparison with the best in the industry and also that our roots lie in information technology.

Compare Infobase Limited, as an organization was established to design, develop, sub-contract and sell Internet websites and pages. We have always maintained that we got into the dot-com industry because of reasons other than the boom and if we have to get out of it, it has to be for reasons other than a bust.

When we look back there have been moments of both joy and sorrow. If we’ve had joy and happiness in the past 9 years, we’ve also faced sorrow and anguish. However, this process has actually helped us in making Compare Infobase, a true organism. It walks, it talks, it eats, it sleeps, it laughs, it cries. It is a common identity, which would be a sum-total of our individual strengths. However, in our endeavor it has also acquired some of our individual weaknesses. We are working as a team together to overcome those weaknesses and to achieve a unique value proposition, which is to put a big smile on all our faces.

- By Simarprit Singh, M.D.
Simarprit Singh is the founder and CEO of Compare Infobase Limited. He has a B.Com degree in Statistics and a Post-graduate diploma in Computer Applications. Simar, as he’s popularly known, began his career as a Research Associate at NIIT. He left to become an entrepreneur and set up DISC (Information Technology) Pvt. Ltd. While at DISC, he made a presentation to the United Nations on Information Technologies and Developing Countries. He later served as the VP of Business Development at Nucleus Software, prior to his return to entrepreneurship at Compare Infobase. In 1998, Compare Infobase was born. From then on, he’s been instrumental in growing Compare Infobase as a leading web design and web development company.

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