Monday, June 11, 2007

leave just after 2 days of joining

i have to take leave for 2 days for complete rest in room just after joining on 4th june as the ENT Specialist advised me.... as i had fever, glostitis and bleeding from the nose. In the 2nd day i was in office but couldn't sit properly..i was sleepy..cant concentrate in my work. I talked about this to so many of my seniors, they suggested me to go for a ENT Spcialist. That day in the evening after returning from the office i went to the doctor. He advised me to take rest for 3 days. I called my Reporting Officer and said everything. My reporting Officer Mr. Nitin is so kind in nature that he permitted me to take leave. I was there in my room for the whole day on my bed in my room. In the 2nd day evening i feel quite good and decided to come office frm friday.

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