Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fedora Updates vs Windows Updates

I've got Fedora 7 running in a virtual machine. I started it up today and got a popup saying 41 updates were ready. I clicked for the updates to install and let them run. I then got a window saying I should reboot due to the updates, and did I want to do it now or later?

I've read plenty of comments berating Microsoft for "Patch Tuesday", and plenty more saying "I never have to reboot my Linux system." I personally am pleased by the getting updates to all my apps, not just the OS. I don't mind the occasional reboot, but maybe that's just my Windows background. What I don't understand is why some belittle MS for pushing updates and suggesting reboots when at least one Linux distribution does the same thing.

Is Fedora the only distribution that does this? If not, why take Redmond to task when Windows isn't the only OS that does it?

Please, no flames or unnecessary criticism of either OS or its users. Please stay on the topic of updates. Thanks well in advance.

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