Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your E-Mail address says a lot about you

What is in a E-mail address you should ask. Isn't it? But after reading this you will never ask it to anyone for sure.
If you happen to be, for example, will people think you a narcissist? And if they do, will they be right? People really do judge others based on the e-mail addresses they choose. What's more interesting, however, is that these judgments tend to be right.

In a research paper published recently in the Journal of Research in Personality, the scientists took a look at just under 600 e-mail addresses and had the people who created them fill out a brief personality questionnaire. Then, they asked 100 students to rate these same addresses to find out if the e-mail names seemed to be neurotic, open, agreeable, conscientious, narcissistic or extroverted. The first thing they discovered is that the students tended to judge people based on their addresses. For example, people who used words like "little" or "sweet" or "baby" combined with cute animal names like "mousie" or "bunny" were thought to be more agreeable ... and neurotic. On the other hand, words like "King" or "thebest" were linked to narcissism. Even more interesting, these judgments tended to be right in five of the six personality categories they measured. Openness was the easiest thing to correctly gauge, but when it came to extroversion, the students' assessments tended to miss the mark. Study participants had strong opinions about whether e-mail addresses were owned by extroverts -- they just didn't happen to be particularly accurate.
As per the researchers say it's astonishing that the sliver of information that you pass on in your e-mail address can be enough for people to get a valid read on your personality. So what if you don't want people to judge you based on your Gmail account? No way, say the researchers. Even if you choose a totally neutral address, you're still giving away information about yourself. Their advice is simple: Choose an address you like. After all, is it really such a bad thing for others to see you the way you are?

So next time you want to sign up for a new mail account please be sure about this. Please choose a separate email address always for your job search purposes. In this way you can beat others and make an impression on the employees. So never be late in that or maybe you just loose a job to a other guy who used my advice.

Best Of luck.


Nitin said...

Hey Aurobindo,
Thats a awesome piece of information. Its seems great by knowing that research case prior to my job search. I'll surely have an separate e-mail id like mine as you advised. Keep it up.


Aurobindo said...

thanks nitin. Thanks a lot for your comment. Hope you will get benefited by this post.

Cheers!! Enjoy!!

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