Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Forbes Asia published a Thailand rich list : Nishita Shah ranked No. 19

Forbes Asia published a Thailand rich list on July, 10 2008 in Singapore. The rankings are almost filled with the same face as in the lists of 2006 and 2007. The Asia rich lists have been sponsored by SG Private Banking (Asia Pacific).

The notable and outstanding rich woman in all rankings is clearly seen to be Nishita Shah, an Indian origin who is the youngest on the list along with her family, she is ranked No. 19 and worth $375 million. The 28-year old is featured in a profile story in this week’s issue of Forbes Asia. She spoke about her plan of launching her own fashion label “Nsha” on three continents at the end of the year as well as helping to manage her family’s 140-year old business which includes Thai-listed Precious Shipping as her farther, Kirit Shah, last year made her a managing director of GP Group.

Nishita was born to be a business woman. To follow her father’s steps, she had graduated from Boston University with a degree in business and finance. For four years she learned all about the various companies, visiting most of them.

“My dad said I could study anything I wanted as long as it was business,” is her favorite speech. Not business alone she concentrated on, but she also has gone through something “creative” as she like to say. Her father suggested that she had fulfilled one of his own dreams and study flying. She earned an instrument rating for a single-engine plane and a private pilot’s license. In between flights she took yoga and surfing lessons.

With her clothing company “Burn Baby” with a mission statement “luxury active wear” for “modern urbanite women”. Nishita is a hands-on executive. At the same time she continues to read coal, shipping and metal reports every morning and sits in on meetings on the 15 days of the month when her father is overseas. Aside from Nishita Shah’s companies, her father, Kirit, has collected stakes in all sorts of companies for the GP Group. Here are some of what GP’s invested in, including the clan’s percentage stakes: Alva Aluminum 75%, Amari Atrium Hotel 95, Ambika 100, Eka 75, Mega LifeSciences 75 , MJets 50 and Premthai Energy 100.

Celebrity golfer Tiger Woods also have made his way into the list of next generation billionaires compiled by American US business magazine Forbes. Noting that the world’s current crop of billionaires has plenty of money but “not much youth”, the American magazine said the average age of the 1,125 people on Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest is 61.

So you could be the next now. How?
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