Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Save time and money, and deliver a better product: Build quality into your IT project from the ground up

Overview: If you think the rigorous processes required to deliver high quality results are too expensive, just think about the long-term costs of delivering poor quality. These costs are often dismissed in the planning stages of a project, but they include redoing a project, losing customers, bad press for the company, and negative career repercussions for the project team. An IT project manager's goal, therefore, should always be to deliver the absolute highest quality result possible within the constraints of a project. This doesn't necessarily mean the absolute highest quality of all time, but the highest quality within the boundaries of the specific project. Explore how you can improve IT project quality to the highest reasonable degree given limited time, resources, and money in this sample chapter from How to Cheat at IT Project Management. Investigate the concept of quality and how quality is built into an IT project via three key components: planning, monitoring, and testing. Look at ways you can build quality into your project without implementing an additional quality management program. Applying these methods consistently with your team will help you do a better job at each step of your IT project and deliver, time after time, higher quality results at lower cost.

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