Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NeuroKernel Computing Platform Released

A completely brand new internet computing technology has been released by NeuroDNA Computer. NeuroKernel has everything a real operating system environment would have. The online demo is written entirely using NeuroKernel's Java API and SDK. Window manager, desktop, desktop modules example applications are all made by NeuroKernel API.

NeuroKernel uses Browser's Document Object Model to render the entire user interface. This gives extraordinary flexibility to the developer. Programs can run either completely inside the browser using our Java plug-in and live-connect based technology (CUIP technology), or they can run completely at server and render to the Browser using our AJAX based technology (JUIP technology). In both technologies, user interface renders and feels 100% same. The best part is that all is done using a Java based SDK which has a programming model similar to a mixture of Java AWT, Java Swing and X/Motif.

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