Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Highly superior gifts for the Linux geek

  1. Lockpick Tool Set - I’m not giving you any suggestions for how this might come in handy.
  2. Ubuntu with Support - If you’re a true believer, and money is no object, you not only can give a copy of Ubuntu to friends or family, but spring $250 for a year’s desktop support to completely win them over.
  3. Daisy MP3 Player Kit - It’s Cracked Open before we crack it open!
  4. Giant penguin - I think this is self-explanatory.
  5. Star Theater 2 - Creates a home planetarium on your walls and ceiling. BABE MAGNET.
  6. Storm Hawk - PDA-based real-time weather forecasting and monitoring system that delivers weather info for your surrounding (250 miles) area. Expensive, but very handy — it could even be a lifesaver — and super-geeky.
  7. The Design of Future Things - Donald A. Norman, a Computer Science prof at Northwestern University has written this new book about what’s wrong with the design of emerging products like “smart” cars.
  8. Basic Black Tee - It’s very slimming.
  9. Screaming Monkey Slingshot - I like the looks of this little guy. It makes annoying sounds and is capable of flinging random objects at The Man…or maybe just your coworkers.
  10. USB Mini Lava Lamp - It’s a lava lamp — and it plugs into your computer! Awesome.

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